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Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/17/18  (142)
Is this Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her PRIME? 2010 BU vid    07/17/18  (83)
Why is Russia our enemy?    07/17/18  (72)
You are a huge faggot if you "go in house" from big law    07/17/18  (65)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/17/18  (60)
lol Trump: "I meant to say 'I dont see why it 'WOULDNT' be Russia.'"    07/17/18  (51)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/17/18  (48)
If No clients lined up how much living expenses to save before going solo    07/17/18  (44)
What exactly did Trump do wrong?    07/17/18  (44)
"DEFEND ARE BORDERS" unless its Russia invading our electoral process    07/17/18  (42)
"Oh no! The Ruskies have Nukes! We'd better let them fuck us up the ass!"    07/17/18  (40)
Sucks that libs will make history textbooks say Trump won due to Russia hacking    07/17/18  (39)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/17/18  (33)
Trumpmos: Did Russia meddle, or is Trump full of shit?    07/17/18  (28)
Only white guys like Ocasio-Cortez    07/17/18  (23)
"No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant"    07/17/18  (23)
How do choose NYC firms    07/17/18  (22)
Ocasio-Cortez backs off support for 2-state solution after only 3 days. LJL    07/17/18  (21)
just got a standup heavy punching bag for my home. Pretty excited    07/17/18  (20)
big Times piece on *Soros*    07/17/18  (17)
Utility of gas piston $2K rifle vs. direct impingement $1K rifle?    07/17/18  (16)
Come ITT to see some horrendous legal writing by a shitlawyer    07/17/18  (15)
12 Reasons Russia Would Not Use Their Nukes In Retaliation (You Won't Believe #6    07/17/18  (15)
Is AUSA prestigious?    07/17/18  (14)
Rate this Trumpmo's FB post on the Helsinki press conference    07/17/18  (14)
Ocasio-Cortez, pregnant with swollen tits, coming at you with kitchen knife    07/17/18  (14)
Where Is RSF? How Is Israel??    07/17/18  (14)
It feels strange being a vassal state to Russia now, doesn't it?    07/17/18  (14)
Donald Trump puts out 180 World Map    07/17/18  (13)
Trumpmos: treason on Int'l stage = OK, but you better fucking stand at football    07/17/18  (12)
so diversity, our strength, is literally going to tear America apart?    07/17/18  (12)
GAY NYTimes Wedding Announcement - Rate Prestige of Couple    07/17/18  (11)
About to watch Hunt for Red October    07/17/18  (11)
*J. Edgar Hoover in a dress looking at 2018 FBI* "Haha wow holy shit"    07/17/18  (11)
Just ate whole head of cabbage. $0.79. 180    07/17/18  (10)
Reminder: if trump didnt submit to Putin there would be NUCLEAR WAR    07/17/18  (10)
Prole Tell: Focussing on tits / ass rather than hip-to-waist ratio & face    07/17/18  (10)
serious question: why do reptiles shriek "no evidence" as the evidence piles up?    07/17/18  (10)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/17/18  (9)
Is $350k HHI enough to afford an X5 M?    07/17/18  (9)
Housepets FREQUENTLY fight over who eats which body parts when you die    07/17/18  (9)
Today I used my unemployment California debit card to purchase groceries    07/17/18  (9)
Is the IFNB the only thing that unites this board?    07/17/18  (9)
well, what do your notes say?    07/17/18  (8)
At a DUI arraignment for 6.5 hours today. 12 voicemails and 37 text messages    07/17/18  (8)
just started growing oysters in my apartment, taking q's    07/17/18  (8)
itt: I list a JRPG and you tell me what the in game currency was    07/17/18  (8)
Libs: "Abolish ICE!!" Libs: "how dare you speak ill of the CIA!"    07/17/18  (8)
Virgin wont let you read Breitbart on their public Wi-Fi in the UK (link)    07/17/18  (8)
ass fucked law shrews are real and they're everywhere    07/17/18  (8)