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Wifes friend cant accept her dating options    08/09/18  (292)
rate this white woman's life trajectory (pic)    08/14/18  (288)
What is the largest political issue that is almost never mentioned?    07/29/18  (249)
Newest NYT Editorial Board member: KILL WHITEY!    08/03/18  (248)
Updates on the joys of marriage    07/28/18  (224)
In which social class do you believe you grew up?    08/08/18  (199)
nebraska is a career extinction job for cfb coaches    07/26/18  (193)
Bloomberg: Sanders health care for all plan would cost $32 trillion over 10 yrs    08/01/18  (187)
come ITT and i'll say something nice about you or your poasting    08/15/18  (184)
The insanity of the housing market isn't talked about enough    08/13/18  (179)
Trumpmos IN FAVOR OF Iran war come bump this thread    07/24/18  (179)
ITT: Messages his wife sends to Thunder Collins    08/06/18  (174)
Probably Have To Separate From PDDJ For Three Months    08/05/18  (173)
Say what u will about Dems Theyve never tried to make it hard for GOPers to vote    08/02/18  (171)
Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/18/18  (162)
Trump to block legal immigrants who used welfare from citizenship    08/08/18  (154)
Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/16/18  (153)
Confrontation with thugette over parking in a handicapped space = dead thug    08/13/18  (153)
Cohen recorded Trump    08/01/18  (153)
DOOBS getting HONKY BONKY off dat CHINCHILLA JUICE    08/15/18  (146)
Politico: It is time to go to Nuclear War with Russia    07/18/18  (144)
minimum income to afford $60k SUV?    08/13/18  (142)
What's the point of sex? Isn't jacking off 85%+ as good?    08/14/18  (142)
/*\ TRUMPS ORDERS SESSIONS TO FIRE MUELLER? /*\    08/03/18  (142)
Cohen tape released (on cnn now)    08/09/18  (142)
Wallmos, do you think there are hordes scrabbling at the literal borders? How ma    08/09/18  (138)
SP here. You can only give me serious serious shit if    08/01/18  (138)
Omg trump just threatened war with Iran on twitter    07/23/18  (137)
Chandler Trial Day 2 (CSLG)    07/26/18  (136)
Trump REVOKES security clearances for Brennan; Comey; Hayden; Susan Rice; Clappe    07/25/18  (136)
Why are women so into rough sex?    08/16/18  (135)
BUMP when Dem wins OH 12 tonight    08/12/18  (133)
Slow carb diet / Rate my abs (CSLG)    08/08/18  (133)
100% WFH jerb = wagecuck Holy Grail    07/26/18  (133)
beckersted, if i agree ur "smart" and "chill" will u agree nigs are shit?    08/05/18  (132)
was vietnam really a bad war or is this also lib flame    07/27/18  (132)
TRIAL VERDICT / CHANDLER (CSLG)    07/31/18  (129)
whats with all this TMF hate - he seems 180    07/29/18  (126)
@nytimes More New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to    07/29/18  (125)
Feminist lesbo prof gets MeTood by gay student; xo catnip ITT    08/17/18  (123)
Sleeping with two app girls. One is sleeping with another app guy    07/27/18  (123)
Honestly, it should be illegal to be a billionaire. 100% taxation after $1B.    07/18/18  (123)
What was your beer of choice in HS?    08/12/18  (122)
Ta Coates got fired from The Atlantic for undisclosed reasons    07/23/18  (122)
Is this Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her PRIME? 2010 BU vid    07/30/18  (121)
NYT: My dad committed suicide. I ignored his texts the year prior & was a suspec    08/07/18  (120)
Can someone describe why Trump is even under investigation?    08/05/18  (120)
"Nation of immigrants" propaganda is fundamentally nihilistic    07/25/18  (120)
describe your getting out of bed routine    07/23/18  (120)
Neighbor Renting on AirBnb How to Stop Them    07/30/18  (119)
Chandler trial updates (CSLG)    07/25/18  (116)
"We won't be silent about race." - Kamala Harris    08/10/18  (115)
ITT: We act like women at work in an office    07/30/18  (115)
Xo poll: gf/wife cooks something she knows you don't like.    08/15/18  (114)
Tertiary US airports with long-haul international flights    07/25/18  (114)
Unpopular opinion: Revenge of The Sith is the 3rd best Star Wars film    07/20/18  (114)
The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican    08/01/18  (112)
Hiking PROLE TELLS    07/31/18  (112)
GF humiliated after learning she was heavier than me    08/07/18  (111)
Real talk: Catholicmos, you have to seriously kill every homosexual priest    08/16/18  (108)
I had sex with a 50-year old last night. I'm 32. Taking questions.    08/12/18  (107)
West coast litigation prole tells    08/02/18  (106)
Is AAA (Roadside Assistance) Goy Bait Or Legit?    08/07/18  (105)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    08/05/18  (105)
XO Dadmos: first kid arrives in days. What advice for new father?    08/07/18  (104)
If you don't know the name of an ancestor here pre 1800, you have to go back    08/16/18  (103)
exeunt: "all u had to do was listen to me"    08/12/18  (103)
So Bannon was absolutely right about Russia Meeting??    08/01/18  (103)
Got Save The Date For PDDJ's White Trash HS Friend Wedding. Told Her "Have Fun"    08/16/18  (102)
If you have OperaSoprano's real-life identity, please contact me off-board.    08/12/18  (101)
What do our idiotic board libs (EPAH) consider collusion to be?    07/28/18  (101)
Stephen Miller has becum the SHADOW MASTER of the State Dept. (New Yorker)    08/16/18  (100)
Bill would block access to porn in Alabama    08/09/18  (100)
Movies that GC would have you believe are good    07/26/18  (100)
Kenny settled a case for 50K today...we also have 200 cases (CSLG)    07/22/18  (99)
Wife wants to hire day laborers from Home Depot instead of paying for movers    07/20/18  (99)
unpop opinion: trump is accelerating the fuck out of are culture war loss    07/20/18  (98)
Shocker - Barack Obama endorsed the idea of universal basic income    07/19/18  (98)
I believe the following poasters are members of the secret snapchat group:    08/14/18  (98)
Do you think a Space Force is a good idea?    08/13/18  (97)
The 5 Levels of Swiss Watches (VID)    08/16/18  (97)
lol the government is going down in flames in the Manafort trial    08/16/18  (97)
Georgia 18 y/o white girl makes racist text to wrong college roommate! (DTP)    07/23/18  (97)
Lol @ the garbage board    08/16/18  (96)
Everyone in my neighborhood in LA is throwing bird scooters onto the ground    08/08/18  (96)
Niggers Illegally Parking In Handicapped Spaces Should Be Shot Dead    08/13/18  (96)
Farmers has paid for my kids entire college in 5 weeks (CSLG)    08/08/18  (95)
prole tell: showering in the AM rather than PM. also a whore tell.    08/11/18  (95)
Sitting at home in our newly purchased home, taking ?s (MND)    08/06/18  (94)
What is the most beautiful place you've been?    07/29/18  (94)
Black Columbia Undergrad DESTROYS Ta-Nehisi Coates re Black Culture    07/22/18  (94)
Not a Trumpmo, been supportive/open minded, yesterday he fucked up    07/18/18  (94)
ITT: list Worst Biglaw assignments you ever had    08/02/18  (93)
ITT: Baseball Game Faggot Tells    08/01/18  (91)
Rate this e-mail exchange with co-counsel (CSLG)    07/27/18  (91)
Trumpmos: what do you honestly think is going on between Trump and Putin?    07/22/18  (91)
Trumpmos - do u honestly think Trump can win again in 2020?    07/21/18  (91)
Brooks Koepka has one 3 of last 6 majors (excl. Masters DNP injured)    08/13/18  (90)
The first MALE NFL cheerleaders will take the field this season (link)    08/11/18  (90)
The most amazing aspect of NYT/Sarah Jeong story is the fact that libs/NYT are    08/05/18  (90)
Married couple making $1 million/yr able to save $54k/yr (link)    08/17/18  (89)
who is *the* most credited 20th century philosopher?    08/17/18  (89)
Dem slogan 2020: "America was never great"    08/16/18  (89)
Manafort is rumored to have a cuckoldry fetish.    08/07/18  (89)
What do you think you get during a private yoga session with this girl?    08/15/18  (88)
what % of xo bros could cop a commission in the Navy, Army, Air Force or USMC?    08/09/18  (88)
Should I move to Jersey City/Hoboken and commute to MFH Biglaw?    08/08/18  (88)
ITT: DESCRIBE how badly Sarah Jeong has outraged you    08/06/18  (88)
Vox explains the NYT Jeong controversy    08/04/18  (88)
Vice: This is what the life of an incel looks like    08/07/18  (88)
Real Thread: List places you went to that WEREN'T beautiful    07/28/18  (88)
What are the ways FEMALE bosses are difficult to work for?    07/28/18  (88)
Chandler Trial - Day 3 (CSLG)    07/27/18  (88)
When you strip away Trumpmos fake machismo, it boils down to    08/15/18  (87)
Why is the Deaf (capitalized) "community" so fucking horrible?    08/08/18  (87)
Pope declares death penalty murder in ALL cases! Republican Catholics finished!!    08/02/18  (87)
Sergey Kovalev is going to put in work this weekend yo    08/05/18  (87)
fellow cons on here: we agree that global warming is real right    08/08/18  (86)
Rating poasters as buildings in the USA    08/08/18  (86)
What is the last concert you went to and how much did you pay for tickets?    08/14/18  (85)
the solution to the jewish problem is to reframe it as a liberal problem    08/12/18  (85)
CNN attacking Laura Ingraham for resisting white genocide    08/13/18  (85)
Senate GOP withdraws judicial nominee Ryan Bounds, delivering a blow to Trumps    07/20/18  (85)
No poaster gets my blood boiling more than calishitlawguru.    08/07/18  (84)
Letter from the Fat Bitch on the Plane    08/01/18  (84)
There are 101 Americans with $1M+ in student loans    08/15/18  (83)
Divorcedmos of xo - were you blindsided by spouse unhappiness or affair?    08/15/18  (83)
has anyone here successfully done a legit hard reset on all the fraud in life?    08/08/18  (83)
peterman's "meal prep" posts were some of the saddest shit i've ever seen    08/10/18  (83)
/!\ EU REJECTS Trump trade plan, "we are fully prepared for Trade War" /!\    07/29/18  (83)
So Trump Tower meeting had to do with getting possible dirt on HRC    08/07/18  (82)
Ben Shapiro: No, Sarah Jeong Shouldn't be Fired    08/05/18  (82)
Who was wrong this morning, me or wife    08/01/18  (82)
Black man wears 'Caucasian' shirt to expose the hypocrisy of white privilege    08/01/18  (82)
CATO Economist: US should go to open borders to save $ on border enforcement    08/01/18  (82)
White people act like the bar exam is "fair"    08/08/18  (82)
IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/17/18  (81)
STUDY: Women's desirability peaks at 18, men's at 50.    08/09/18  (81)
Hungary discontinues Gender Studies programs (link)    08/15/18  (80)
Gayest car?    07/28/18  (80)
I can't believe anyone with an IQ over 100 actually consumes sugar anymore    08/10/18  (79)
Academy Adds New Oscar For "Best Popular Film"    08/09/18  (79)
U.S. Airlines Plan to Accept China Demands on Naming Taiwan    07/31/18  (79)
HYPO: you inherit CSLG's professional life but also his height    07/23/18  (79)
Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/16/18  (78)
Why shouldnt I go 80% in on Facebook @ current valuations?    08/06/18  (78)
The Last Jedi is so bad. Awful jokes, terrible plot, no sequel setup    07/27/18  (78)
37 people turned down YLS after being admitted (link)    07/20/18  (78)