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downstairs w my Pax, wife gonna come down screaming w her sensitive nose    12/13/17  (3)
"No, daddy RSF! Cum in me raw!" (LTDanCaffey)    12/13/17  (11)
Reuters: Facebook says Russia spent $97 million on ads over Brexit (link)    12/13/17  (3)
There is something seriously strange going on with American women (video)    12/13/17  (34)
"Chad, I don't think you understand. She NEEDS you," the white knight whinged    12/13/17  (12)
What's Tezos going to be worth in 2018?    12/13/17  (6)
"I didn't see Chad at the protest last night, did you?" sneered the White Knight    12/13/17  (5)
Average female millennial shoulder width is 3 inches wider than males (link)    12/13/17  (4)
Ok. So you're an autistic incel. That don't impress me much.    12/13/17  (31)
Nigs chimp out over AA Harvard acceptance    12/13/17  (45)
Eternal oblivion in 55 years? Better spend 50 percent of that chasing commas in    12/13/17  (9)
so LinkedIn = huge $cam?    12/13/17  (3)
Decided to search YouTube for my HS gf - LJL WHITE WOMEN!    12/13/17  (23)
why shouldnt i buy 20k worth of cardano @ $0.13 and forget it?    12/13/17  (10)
Admiral Rogers and Trump saved the country.    12/13/17  (9)
how 180 is Admiral Rogers    12/13/17  (1)
you can't talk about feminism without dealing with issues of intersectionality    12/13/17  (3)
*RIPS a fat line* BLOCKCHAIN!    12/13/17  (6)
Bannon's <3 is in right place, but he needs to learn to do whatever Coulter says    12/13/17  (2)
do solo lawyers work from home?    12/13/17  (4)
THE HILL: Trump telling aides he thinks Mueller probe will end before Jan    12/13/17  (49)
"Your honor, there is not a chinchilla, excuse me, scintilla of evidencd my clie    12/13/17  (1)
so Moore basically didn't campaign, visited his alma mater the day b4 election?    12/13/17  (5)
How often did you think about suicide in biglaw?    12/13/17  (6)
Reminder: Bannon intimidated Corker out of his race    12/13/17  (3)
PBS host Travis Smiley DONE HERE    12/13/17  (5)
Introductory knowledge about other countries is such a striver tell    12/13/17  (1)
GF out of town. Gonna do some hometown CHEATMOING!    12/13/17  (10)
protip: use Sleep Cycle app to be woken up in a period of lighter sleep    12/13/17  (7)
rich, alpha surgeon commits suicide by stabbing self in chest (misses heart tho)    12/13/17  (18)
Photo of how i picture twins looks    12/13/17  (4)
I pawned my computer twice last week. lol    12/13/17  (1)
LATINOS FOR TRUMP    12/13/17  (3)
Chinese Elephantitis Bukkake    12/13/17  (1)
Turdskin Microsoft CEO is obsessed with "cricket"    12/13/17  (16)
Sup Frank. I know you poa here. Hows it going?    12/13/17  (10)
are people dumber now than they were in the 70's and 80's or what is going on    12/13/17  (3)
oh my fucking god now gf can't sleep because of polar bear vid    12/13/17  (1)
Michael Chung, I will ban you if you keep spamming. Try me, chink.    12/13/17  (5)
How to make your Chipotle burrito 86% bigger, for free (no guac trick    12/13/17  (21)
Super suicidal. Spent almost 30 minutes just watching the trains come and go.    12/13/17  (11)
Im getting taxed on gains from an inheritance still in probate?? Wtf    12/13/17  (5)
REMINDER: if ur descendants can't afford it, you'll be rezzed as zombie workers    12/13/17  (3)
LOL they are trying to send me to a 3 month rehab    12/13/17  (15)
protip: to lose weight, track every calorie as best u can & set reasonable goal    12/13/17  (1)
protip: if you're not speeding up ur TV & audiobooks w/apps you're dying sooner    12/13/17  (1)
Rudolf asking RSF if he's interested in "something a little bit kinky"    12/13/17  (15)
Tax Mo's - Can I prepay California SALT for 2018? 2019?    12/13/17  (7)
My black "supervisor" is a joke    12/13/17  (13)
protip: "intermittent fasting" is flame name but really works to moderate hunger    12/13/17  (1)
Now i really hate the LIBS coming for my HEROIN. FUCKLIBS    12/13/17  (3)
Hey    12/13/17  (1)
Shooting coke >>>>>>>>
dope. but you need dope to come down after
   12/13/17  (5)
if you dont think libs are coming for meat youre dumb. one year tops.    12/13/17  (1)
So basically eating garlic alot would replace 20% of doctors?    12/13/17  (1)
Reminder: Peterman is now richer than many biglaw seniors    12/13/17  (5)
Jinx will not quit until he has the last drop and you've gone limp.    12/13/17  (1)
We're not going to make it, are we?    12/13/17  (4)
Rate this 1st year Tuck MBA student    12/13/17  (7)
Reagan massively expaned the appeal of the GOP, especially with young people    12/13/17  (8)
Mr. Jinx presents: how to uninstall McAfee antivirus    12/13/17  (2)
i'm Catholic. Am I welcomed here?    12/13/17  (19)
More prestigious: beautifulpeople.com or M7 mba?    12/13/17  (23)
Paraplegics now being accused of sex harassment    12/13/17  (1)
Tattoos make all attractive girls uglier, but never ugly girls more attractive    12/13/17  (21)
Explain to me the M7 MBA dudes traveling so much    12/13/17  (68)
if i was a poormo single guy who had a party, i would boil a bunch of eggs for m    12/13/17  (12)
Prole tell: using cell phone as your alarm clock    12/13/17  (64)
Copped a Glenlivet 15 from our advertiser! Fuck yeah! Shitlaw Rules!    12/13/17  (3)
the thought of goyim profiting off of virtual money gets me all verklempt    12/13/17  (2)
Just paid off a year old tax bill from taking a wrong deduction.    12/13/17  (1)
Should be a word for when you put on a worn out article of clothing and think,    12/13/17  (6)
Bannon sewing buttons back onto his suit jacket in a fit of rage    12/13/17  (6)
The Sino-American treaty of 2018 which banned cryptocurrency    12/13/17  (10)
How much would it suck to be a very rich but ugly woman?    12/13/17  (19)
"I asked you to suggest three .1c postorbital roadmaps" "But ... this is a law f    12/13/17  (1)
Friendly Reminder: If you're cis-sexist, you're a piece of trash    12/13/17  (1)
If you EVER talk about POLITICS on XO, you are a GOOK.    12/13/17  (1)
Peterman: 15% tax rate. You: 47% at your Cali Law Firm    12/13/17  (1)
im beginning to understand the importance of WMTP, need order on a chaotic board    12/13/17  (7)
If you ever tell me transwomen can't be feminists I swear to god I'll kick your    12/13/17  (2)
these steve coogan travel movies are funny, bros. low key chill funny.    12/13/17  (1)
I'm genderqueer!!!!! The 13yo shrieked into his webcam    12/13/17  (109)
"NO DAD! Aiden's genderfluid, I'm pangender, Noah is genderqueer, Liam is agende    12/13/17  (1)
Would u date this chubby blonde teenager ? NSFW    12/13/17  (18)
who needs crypto when you have alcohol    12/13/17  (7)
dunkin donuts is fucking gross    12/13/17  (23)
A Kentucky legislator is the first casualty of the #MeToo movement.    12/13/17  (1)
Obama's America: 27% of California children are GENDERQUEER    12/13/17  (13)
does ur typical franchise owner (taco bell, McD's, jiffy lube, etc) make good $$    12/13/17  (2)
Any1 ever eat 6 xanax bars and wake up in jail?    12/13/17  (1)
So you have to buy BTC/LTC in order to exchange it for shitcon?    12/13/17  (5)
Denise richards in her prime = 180    12/13/17  (5)
*mental illness intensifies*    12/13/17  (6)
Wayne State: Worth it?    12/13/17  (2)
theory: GRRM PLANS TO DIE before finishing ASIF to drive home all his themes    12/13/17  (2)
John Stamos: getting girls preggo at 54. You: 35, fat, impotent, crown pattern b    12/13/17  (2)
You: working 70 hour weeks to make 400k. Peterman: richer than you doing nothing    12/13/17  (7)
Lol putting fries in your burrito is so 2000s. Now there's a RAMEN BURRITO    12/13/17  (5)
I'm hiring Curt Chaplin ("court reporter" on The People's Court) to do my IVR    12/13/17  (1)
Ill meet you anytime you want, at our gluten-free fair trade organic restaurant    12/13/17  (1)
Chicago nigger who livestreamed torture of disabled white boy on FB let free    12/13/17  (78)
Tavistock Smiley show CANCELLED over sexual harassment allegations (lol)    12/13/17  (1)
WMTP = Jesus Ma gosh you never understand me!    12/13/17  (1)
Iota: did we say Microsoft is our partner?Cuz actually they are not our partner?    12/13/17  (1)
I'm taking my girlfriend to jail tomorrow    12/13/17  (2)
Florists are nasty, vindictive people    12/13/17  (50)
Rate this chill, fratty Chad "voice artist"    12/13/17  (1)
On this board: anonymous mentally ill people arguing over irrelevant bullshit    12/13/17  (3)
Just do 600K student loan debt to make 200K...makes sense    12/13/17  (11)
duncan_donuts are we cool?    12/13/17  (1)
How did Bannon not vet Moore? Fucking hubris on his part    12/13/17  (82)
gay to think the little things women do are cute?    12/13/17  (22)
Dirk kicks :D out of basement, claims need for lebensraum.    12/13/17  (2)
Any you faggist own Christmasy plaid flannel shirts    12/13/17  (1)
delta cucks boeing in favor of airbus    12/13/17  (2)
Here's How Liberal Or Conservative Major News Sources Really Are (xo WSJ    12/13/17  (39)
Dirk throwing elbows at Duncan, claims need for lebensraum    12/13/17  (7)
No flame, I think my cock has gotten bigger.    12/13/17  (3)
Chandler's wife raising a hand mid sentence, "I'm not done talking"    12/13/17  (4)
jjc's throat should be slit    12/13/17  (19)
the credited plan to flee america? link plz    12/13/17  (30)
Tomorrow is "Ugly Faggot Day" At My Office    12/13/17  (1)
When Im on my death bed, my biggest regret will be not investing in ETH    12/13/17  (1)
Salon writer calls on women to make false accusations against 10 conserv men eac    12/13/17  (2)
Why is everyone buying into sexual allegations hysteria    12/13/17  (14)
DAY 4 OF FASTING - HERE WE GOOOO    12/13/17  (21)
Brutal graphic shows some bros will be paying loans for 60+ yrs under PROSPER    12/13/17  (3)
Rate this MFH power couple    12/13/17  (13)
Mortgage interest deduction limited to $750k now, sucks for high COL states    12/13/17  (19)
Chandler turned CSG down because his wife told him NO    12/13/17  (14)
Tmf has literally the most boring job in all of law. Compliance monkey at bank.    12/13/17  (25)
PAYE axed in latest tax bill wtf! (applies to all borrowers)    12/13/17  (2)
How much does it cost to make a basic law firm website    12/13/17  (46)
ITT: the Jewish lawyer Moore's wife namechecked    12/13/17  (1)
chandler's wife at calishitlaw meeting, "I can do the firm's social media"    12/13/17  (5)
Chandler is bringing his WIFE to a business meeting. Lmao.    12/13/17  (29)
JFC blacks in Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina will elect President Kamala    12/13/17  (4)
#metoo hysteria is about to 10x    12/13/17  (17)
Trump running against Harris/Warren 2020: its black beauty & Pocahontas!    12/13/17  (1)
Kenny and CW sprinting to the top of a mountain, "The Cave" playing in backgroun    12/13/17  (7)
What was the moment you realized you were upper MIDDLE class and not rich?    12/13/17  (5)
Is chandler the biggest fucking bitch to ever poast here?    12/13/17  (13)
"Baby it's cool outside" writer hit with harassment complaint    12/13/17  (1)
Frida Sofia has anyone ever told you that you look like butthead when you smile?    12/13/17  (47)
More Kozinski Allegations    12/13/17  (12)
Summon WMTP    12/13/17  (12)
chandler has his IPA tits to keep him company when CSLG tells him to fuck off    12/13/17  (3)
Turning down In-House Promotion    12/13/17  (55)

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