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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
more bad news for kavanaugh inside    09/24/18  (23)
not political for a second: Wife wants me to email teacher, ask teacher to plea    09/24/18  (17)
So morning in america just admitted, no job, no home, no friends    09/24/18  (12)
Grim Reaper runs for 2020 POTUS: "Mourning in America"    09/24/18  (2)
Where can I get good cowboy boots?    09/24/18  (18)
Remind me, in what way was Garland unqualified to serve on SCOTUS?    09/24/18  (15)
morning in america: trust fund, no job, homeless, no friends, homosexual    09/24/18  (5)
10 unemployed trust fund brats running train on spaceporn jr's gaping fuckhole    09/24/18  (2)
Shocker: Nike donates twice as much to Democrats as Republicans    09/24/18  (3)
New poll: will Kavanaugh be confirmed?    09/24/18  (66)
Now that GOP cucks got caught being part of the Kav accusations, who's next nom?    09/24/18  (26)
What's the latest GOP can withdraw Kav and still get someone else through?    09/24/18  (13)
Tick tock, trumptards: Manafort just publicly announced he's actively involved    09/24/18  (7)
tbf, any judge willing be nominated by Trump is by definition a piece of shit    09/24/18  (2)
Was this clip from the Sopranos foreshadowing Tony's demise?    09/24/18  (9)
Cruz sucked at debate vs Beto    09/24/18  (2)
Axios: Judge Gregg Costa (5th Cir.) on a flight from Houston to DC    09/24/18  (10)
Kid just asked me why my pubis looks like mommies infront of burger king line    09/24/18  (4)
literally any asian is more related to spaceporn's kid than spaceporn is    09/24/18  (1)
Stop asking if board libs are ok with this bullshit    09/24/18  (56)
not political for a second: FUCK LIBS    09/24/18  (1)
Credible allegations that spaceporn didn't crack 1000 on the SAT    09/24/18  (2)
Kind of hope I get metood, can just force wife to work and be SAHD    09/24/18  (2)
Presently, I shall dance again. Guilt has no effect on rhythm (Rudolph)    09/24/18  (35)
13-year-old kid gets #MeToo'd by classmates, is arrested at school (link)    09/24/18  (58)
cue George Michael - Careless Whisper as me & damn daddy enjoy candlelit dinner    09/24/18  (15)
Panic at the disco guitarist gets fired for asking a girl to send him pics on    09/24/18  (24)
SRS Q: How much worse can this Lib Cartoon World get?When they take control next    09/24/18  (3)
Are today's white kids less racist than their grandparents? (Salon)    09/24/18  (17)
What's up with all these guys with bubble butts walking around?    09/24/18  (1)
NY lawyer faces disciplinary action for texting wink kiss emoji to paralegal    09/24/18  (3)
Poasters in 2218 reciting the Sup Brady letter like Hail Mary    09/24/18  (65)
This all drives home that GOP is only marginally better than Dems    09/24/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 9/24/18    09/24/18  (8)
*spaceporn's kid rips up IQ test* "I want to be a retard like Daddy!"    09/24/18  (1)
Kavanaugh has hired this guy as his hearing preparation coach - link    09/24/18  (2)
spaceporn is so invested in Kav accusations because that's his job    09/24/18  (7)
Avenatti actually thinks he'll spin his 15 mins of "fame" into becoming POTUS    09/24/18  (7)
I kissed a zher and I liked i-it    09/24/18  (1)
Reading TBF poasts in 2018 is like watching Jordan on the Wizards    09/24/18  (21)
Wish I had bought Kavanaugh predictit shares last night    09/24/18  (1)
All around me is a war of races, shitlib faces, metoo cases    09/24/18  (4)
Thinking of SEEKING CHRIST. Which denomination?    09/24/18  (52)
California government employees are literally the 1 percent    09/24/18  (2)
I didn't want to say it, but I once woke up and Kavanaugh was fingering my assho    09/24/18  (1)
Predict Amy Coney Barrett smear strategy ITT    09/24/18  (5)
Joined a mall walking hobby group. Very exhilarating    09/24/18  (1)
how did we go from michael jackson's say say say to Cardi B rapping about pussy    09/24/18  (1)
Drudge used the term ABC, NBC "throw shade" at Kavanaugh    09/24/18  (1)
When can we KILL ALL LIBS already?    09/24/18  (4)
spaceporn when did you stop breastfeeding your kid?    09/24/18  (1)
Only viable solution is to kill libs    09/24/18  (11)
when even shitlib honiara thinks libs are horrible ppl u know they went too far    09/24/18  (11)
crazy how there'll be no scotus confirmations again w/o control of WH + Senate    09/24/18  (18)
But yeah, Georgetown Prep just started    09/24/18  (24)
poastradamus bleating like a chipmunk as i ruin his rectum with my 12 incher    09/24/18  (9)
Trumpmos, why didn't Dems fabricate rape allegations with Gorsuch?    09/24/18  (38)
after blue drought GOP should dig up Kagan & Sotomayor dirt & remove them    09/24/18  (6)
petumkin in white robe, meditating, serene, chanting "pls respon    09/24/18  (37)
Lib here, will make admission, Avenatti better come forward with evidence ASAP    09/24/18  (46)
Singing "Kavanaugh" to Roxy Music's Avalon    09/24/18  (1)
ESPN FPI: PEnn 4, Michigan 6, Stanford 11, LSU 19, UCF 43    09/24/18  (11)
so the conturds are gonna rage spam all morning?    09/24/18  (16)
spin, rat fucks    09/24/18  (2)
"Kim Jong-un wrote a letter - beautiful letter - and asking for a second meeting    09/24/18  (2)
Crazy that a former poaster is responsible for turning Kav into Bork part 2    09/24/18  (1)
Travel back to 1986: "Yeah, Frank Sinatra's kid just sank Donald Trump's Supreme    09/24/18  (2)
We built this shitbort on gaping holes    09/24/18  (1)
After spending days goading Ford to testify, Trumpmos now upset she's going to    09/24/18  (4)
STICKY: poastradamus's asshole after inviting 2 well-endowed black gentlemen ove    09/24/18  (12)
Reminder: right now is just a period between mass extinction events    09/24/18  (2)
Poastradamus = 120    09/24/18  (242)
Anyone else fired up for Avenatti-O'Rourke 2020?    09/24/18  (8)
Murkowski, Collins, and Flake, annoyed with Trump faggotry, will all vote nay    09/24/18  (3)
where'd the "Neil Gorsuch is a chad" flame come from?    09/24/18  (7)
Kav to Avenatti: "Well, listen, GW is a damn good school. Damn good."    09/24/18  (2)
Mr. Kav.. Kava.. Kavan.. Kava not gonna work here anymore anyway    09/24/18  (9)
Poastradamus: I'm retired. xo Borat to Rach: ah its very good you let retard poa    09/24/18  (38)
Trump RE: Kavanaugh: I AM WITH HIM ALL THE WAY    09/24/18  (3)
Rate Nov 2018: failed Kav block, failed blue wave, Trump fires Sessions    09/24/18  (1)
Personal list of GOAT Jews: Jesus, Peter, Paul, Andrew, John, David Lee Roth    09/24/18  (3)
Tomi Lahren: Beto felt me up in the elevator at a conference 3 years ago    09/24/18  (2)
is khmer rouge closest thing in history to "lmao libs ur all gonna die"    09/24/18  (5)
seems like every girl on okcupid is afflicted with WANDERLUST    09/24/18  (52)
Obama put 2 childless lesbians on SCOTUS & one was a school administrator?    09/24/18  (2)
"US" dem party committing institutional suicide before our very eyes    09/24/18  (1)
poastradumbass holding his colon in a bag, walking around special ed classroom    09/24/18  (21)
Poastradumbass' family getting exterminated by the Orkin man    09/24/18  (13)
cliffs on "poastradumbass"?    09/24/18  (25)
Civil War looms ever larger    09/24/18  (1)
all you did was weaken a country today, Feinstein    09/24/18  (5)
Amy Barrett called me the n word in 1981    09/24/18  (1)
j maw hand sewing poastradumbass's mouth & butthole shut    09/24/18  (4)
Long Conference Today, Cert Pigs!    09/24/18  (1)
Poastradumbass, making bowl of cereal with elmer's glue    09/24/18  (20)
all around me are familiar faces, worn out places    09/24/18  (1)
Mitch: "Wait, the Dems are fighting back?! Cuz of what we did to Garland?!?!"    09/24/18  (1)
Living legend Morrissey: Acid attacks are non-white, can't be addressed because    09/24/18  (41)
Reminder: You slave away 50% of your waking life for people like RSF's dad    09/24/18  (12)
There are <100 plausible dem SCOTUS nominees. GOP should plant allegation seeds    09/24/18  (5)
New Yorker story: 0 witnesses corroborating but 6 witnesses refute the story?    09/24/18  (89)
Exhibit A: Why Trumptards are losing in the global market    09/24/18  (16)
This is for Merrick Garland! screeched the lib as the gulag guards opened fire    09/24/18  (3)
Poastradamus' parents getting the cum cleaned out of his Cub Scout uniform    09/24/18  (9)
whokebe helplessly cries bitter tears as jinx rapes him with reckless abandon    09/24/18  (8)
Just put about 600 pennies in my dog's ass before he noticed    09/24/18  (32)
List things you'd buy if you hit your TARGET NET WORTH    09/24/18  (27)
GameDay should b in Seattle next week but probably does tOSU in Happy Valley jfc    09/24/18  (11)
Reminder libs: even if you railroad Kavanaugh, life still begins at conception    09/24/18  (3)
Sotomayor: What does this mean, "run a train"?    09/24/18  (2)
Dems bussing Kavanaugh accusers en masse to Washington    09/24/18  (1)
Have to applaud Dems for using dirty tricks and finally fighting fire with fire    09/24/18  (3)
Remember when "colt" was all ready to buy cowboys seahawks tickets    09/24/18  (5)
But wait, there's more! ...    09/24/18  (1)
oh my god it's going to be a great week holy shit here we gooooo    09/24/18  (444)
Millennial Support of Kavanaugh Soars on Dildo Rumors; Crashes When Woman Named    09/24/18  (4)
Halp. FBI investigating me for kissing girl on cheek "playing house" in PreK    09/24/18  (1)
Ive been searching for a song for ~10 years after hearing it once or twice    09/24/18  (5)
Whokebe jumps into his DeLorean in New Haven: "Brett Kavanaugh did this!!"    09/24/18  (1)
After Israel fucked up and killed a Russian plane Russia declares no fly zone    09/24/18  (2)
trumpmos should prob stop poasting 4 the morning--they are really showing trash.    09/24/18  (1)
hey conturds, next time throw up a prolifer without baggage. twist:    09/24/18  (4)
Protip: short TLRY    09/24/18  (88)
Last quarter check in - 2.1 million net so far (CSLG)    09/24/18  (76)
The french revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for mankind    09/24/18  (1)
"Let's call the boys. Let's run a train." (Kavanaugh to Judge)    09/24/18  (5)
What happens to libs when Russian collusion allegations are disproven?    09/24/18  (125)
really sick of this world    09/24/18  (7)
fags    09/24/18  (2)
Only CR take-away: Dismiss first accusation out-of-hand and move on aggressively    09/24/18  (12)
NYT/ABC: This new accusation is too questionable even for us    09/24/18  (9)
consider the lilies of the field: they neither toil nor spin    09/24/18  (9)
literally burst out laughing every time I think of how upset Poastradumbass is    09/24/18  (26)
"nooo ur hurting my feelings!" yelped poastradamus as darnell ruptured his colon    09/24/18  (19)
Boomer Jew passing out "I believe Christine" flyers at MFH subway stop today    09/24/18  (5)
Poastradumbass, unconscious at bottom of pool trying to win drowning game    09/24/18  (12)
So Kavanaugh's IRL Yale experience was like JJC's wildest fever dream come true?    09/24/18  (7)
poastradumbass choking on HIV+ cum, looks up to post from 5 accounts    09/24/18  (13)
poastradumbass's mom huffing glue while 35 weeks pregnant    09/24/18  (13)
Pozzed a dumbass! Pozzadumbass! Postadumbass! Poastradamus!    09/24/18  (50)
"nooo i'm on nofap" whined poastradumbass as i mutilated his pussy    09/24/18  (9)
poastradamus striking out at special olympics tee ball    09/24/18  (13)
ITT name a whinier pussy than Poastradamus    09/24/18  (7)
Law themed ASMR-girl dressed in pantsuit whispering about ur attention to detail    09/24/18  (16)
Why is Nikki Haley saying we shouldn't second guess Kavanaugh's accusers?    09/24/18  (10)
The most vociferous Kavanaugh defenders are probably a little rapey themselves    09/24/18  (3)
live tuna wearing $tetho$cope, handing ur son a jumbo sized bottle of Ritalin    09/24/18  (4)
Kav chances just jumped up on Predictit. What just happened?    09/24/18  (2)

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