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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
"I don't have a chance with him, he went his own way," sighed the BM model    08/14/18  (37)
Dat feeling when a bareback PUSSYSTICK shoots a rope of DEATHJUICE in your fuckh    08/14/18  (14)
I wonder if Tai Lopez has really read all those books in his garage    08/14/18  (1)
Luis can't even gas himself in garage because of his electric car    08/14/18  (6)
Frog and Toad Didn't Care She Was A Malcolm X Scholar    08/14/18  (3)
Why do people feel like they need to "work" during college    08/14/18  (1)
NYT: "how can I cure my white guilt?"    08/14/18  (10)
tapas is really salty irl bros. you cant make a meal out of it.    08/14/18  (3)
List the 15 US cities that have heavy rail rapid transit systems    08/14/18  (3)
Is nyuug prole goy: listens to metal, drives mustang, wears sleeveless shirts    08/14/18  (2)
Easy way to make an Irish girl cum: give her a black eye.    08/14/18  (3)
every fucking woman these days is a " squirter" and it's pissing me off    08/14/18  (35)
Good profit target for new solos?    08/14/18  (9)
worse Ive felt about myself in years    08/14/18  (19)
Jew Attorney General in PA presenting grand jury report on pedo priests    08/14/18  (9)
Phone broke, just bought Iphone X. fuck phones are expensive nowadays    08/14/18  (32)
26 yo Twitch streamer makes $500k+/mo playing games. U: drooling over PI checks    08/14/18  (22)
Imagine the mindset of someone donating to Peter Strzok's gofundme    08/14/18  (4)
Odd instances in 1st half of 20th C of random biz ppl/lawyers being POTUS nomine    08/14/18  (4)
reminder: EPAH valedictorian @YLS, rhodes scholar *DESPITE* 103iq    08/14/18  (6)
cahtolic priests are saints compared to my rabbi (boner police)    08/14/18  (1)
Weird how useless movies that didn't gross much are remembered    08/14/18  (11)
Ricciardo to re-sign with Red Bull #Formula1    08/14/18  (17)
Oklahoma tranny tween receiving death threats    08/14/18  (5)
"I'm here for the pizza party," said the depressed lawyer    08/14/18  (200)
lmao the ABA has an instagram account. It's worse than you imagine    08/14/18  (8)
Real talk: Catholicmos, you have to seriously kill every homosexual priest    08/14/18  (59)
Elizabeth Bruenig vs. Laura Ingraham tonight    08/14/18  (3)
watched a black male employee of wawas roll into his 9am shift at 9:20 am    08/14/18  (7)
"You've called people nigger..." Trump: "only al sharpton." *audience laughs*    08/14/18  (7)
Remember the moment that TRUMP said Only Rosie Odonnell?    08/14/18  (3)
New Doom game shits all over libs (link)    08/14/18  (9)
Trump N-word tape and Michelle O whitey tape playing on a loop    08/14/18  (1)
lol so Trump surrounds himself with backstabbers and idiots?    08/14/18  (1)
Xo Poll: does the Trump N-word tape exist?    08/14/18  (34)
a lewd, undressed woman, licking CharlesXII's bald head to completion    08/14/18  (4)
Korean man punches Black Woman after her kid steals a keychain at his store    08/14/18  (43)
My IQ is so high holy shit,    08/14/18  (2)
crypto millionaire seeing Strzok's gofundme: haha oh wow holy shit    08/14/18  (1)
Sometimes when u are hungry u are actually thirsty, fatty    08/14/18  (4)
its not that ur sinfully ugly, short & awkward, we just don't click, you know?    08/14/18  (3)
crazy rich Asians: NOWAGs can get AZNgirl 6's if they are 6'2 billionaires    08/14/18  (5)
This shitlib doxxing stuff is insane (pics)    08/14/18  (9)
biz idea: get Trump to bash you on twitter, open a gofundme    08/14/18  (1)
First & Second Rounds On Same Day At Masters Events Is Weird #tennis    08/14/18  (1)
"I hire the best people"    08/14/18  (8)
Peter Strzok opens a Twitter account, first tweet is him begging for Gofundme $$    08/14/18  (56)
brack peoprr    08/14/18  (1)
i like trump saying nigger. sometimes people are just niggers.    08/14/18  (1)
The weird history of Asian sex stereotypes    08/14/18  (2)
should i take a baby aspirin every day?    08/14/18  (1)
Frog and Toad can't find a vein    08/14/18  (4)
overeducated teachers and admins are gonna dump out after college bubble bursts    08/14/18  (1)
Trumpmos, how NERVOUS are you about impending release of N-Word tape?    08/14/18  (19)
frog and toad are jointly and severally liable    08/14/18  (3)
In fairness to Luis: he never had cash out and retire money. Never had lifestyle    08/14/18  (18)
xo Duterte: "Who is this stupid God? This son of a bitch is then really stupid"    08/14/18  (32)
will college tuition ever hit 100k    08/14/18  (3)
White woman uses the race card to avoid a DUI arrest    08/14/18  (2)
Fuck, just read whitepaper on my new shitcoins    08/14/18  (19)
Crazy Rich Half-Asians    08/14/18  (1)
Asian, ew gross: How the Crazy Rich Asians movie could help change stereotyp    08/14/18  (65)
MORL investors. ITT    08/14/18  (2)
anyone here still holding Beanie Babies?    08/14/18  (21)
rate this mentally ill kikes instagram    08/14/18  (4)
400k 9-5 in house - why doesnt everyone just do this?    08/14/18  (28)
Crazy Rich Asians: 96% on rotten tomatoes    08/14/18  (16)
new Japanese girl idol group inspired by www.autoadmit.com    08/14/18  (2)
@realdonaldtrump: Ive only called Rosie a N*****! Because she is!    08/14/18  (3)
Trump was actually talking about a Jew and called him "niggardly"    08/14/18  (1)
Agent J deducing that N-Tape isn't a video, but instead an account on law forum    08/14/18  (3)
Trump: I will hire the best people -> Hires worst speechwriter, designer, and PR    08/14/18  (5)
just just call them niggers    08/14/18  (3)
Crazy rich Persian - 96% down from ATH    08/14/18  (8)
I pick the best people, the best    08/14/18  (6)
Absurd we have adults referring to the "n-word" constantly now    08/14/18  (2)
Rating posters as bhangra songs and/or rigveda verses(to be fair    08/14/18  (12)
remember when libs ran to correct Trump's black crime statistics    08/14/18  (1)
Frog and toad contend the niggertape was a fraud made in a sound studio.    08/14/18  (1)
is there an explanation for deja vu    08/14/18  (7)
CNN's Chris Cuomo defends Antifa violence    08/14/18  (30)
Crazy Stupid Asians    08/14/18  (1)
30 years of craft brewing in the US and they're only now making decent lagers    08/14/18  (19)
So all of this SJW stuff will halt once Hillary gets in office, right?    08/14/18  (2)
Gamer fiance and I will bequeath our Funkos to her son    08/14/18  (2)
Backspace you should look into the writings of Colin Bennett    08/14/18  (26)
Duterte losing popularity by the day    08/14/18  (3)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    08/14/18  (79)
Been a fun week on here but I'm pumoing/scrambling pw @ 11:59 PM    08/14/18  (82)
US internet speed has gone from 12th to 6th fastest since Net Neutrality repeal    08/14/18  (19)
in the 1800's blank bumps were extremely expensive    08/14/18  (4)
Why is no one boycotting Crazy Rich Asians for having a WHITE MALE LEAD? (DTP)    08/14/18  (2)
Hypo: 5 ft tsunami strikes nyc    08/14/18  (1)
number of gender studies programs by country    08/14/18  (33)
Now that was a fun lunch ride    08/14/18  (1)
Charles's Penis Is At Half Mast Today    08/14/18  (1)
Re: Trump's Puckered Asshole    08/14/18  (207)
Scaramucci to Omarosa: yeah u were late, u were late to ur own fucking funeral    08/14/18  (1)
xo Duterte Promises To Resign If Someome Can Prove God Exists (not flame)    08/14/18  (10)
xo Duterte: "Let me become Pope & I will clense the sodomites from the cathedral    08/14/18  (5)
"Everyone has to STFU!" ruled the power introvert during game of King's Cup    08/14/18  (9)
How many @realDonaldTrump tweets mention "fake news" from noon 8/14 - noon 8/21?    08/14/18  (2)
remember the jmaw vs 29tp beef? that was entertaining    08/14/18  (1)
OC's Opposition Brief Said Issue Was "Irrefutably _____"    08/14/18  (6)
Libs literally producing papers calling for straight men to be pegged (link    08/14/18  (10)
so white "parents" kick kids out the door at 18 and rot alone in nursing homes?    08/14/18  (4)
Genoa bridge that collapsed built by minority owned firm (link)    08/14/18  (1)
80% of X-Files is government agents point guns at other agents    08/14/18  (2)
Do I dare buy something from an ebay seller located in Israel?    08/14/18  (1)
Avenatti successfully negotiates the release of one of Trump's hostages    08/14/18  (4)
There are 101 Americans with $1M+ in student loans    08/14/18  (77)
Been overeating pistachios for months now to increase cock-mind connection    08/14/18  (12)
prominent Russian intellectual has theory on Russias next steps    08/14/18  (13)
can't wait until telecommuting is common and destroys fraudulent "property value    08/14/18  (3)
"Brown Eyed Hole: A Review of Male Anal Play in Popular Music"    08/14/18  (2)
What is this world anymore?    08/14/18  (12)
R2-ME2 finally coming forward; C-3P0 won't appear in ep. 9    08/14/18  (9)
Hey. hey. Hey! Hey! This is law board    08/14/18  (40)
annoyed that I spent $85 on C12's dating app membership fees and no return yet    08/14/18  (4)
The one where the superstar associate opens the guys soda in the elevator    08/14/18  (3)
Strategies of Anal Engagement in a Post-Masculine World    08/14/18  (4)
Had a chance to buy a Ducati Desmosedici 2 years ago for $30k and passed    08/14/18  (5)
*mysterious gov't worker places trump nigger tape next to alien fetus in jar*    08/14/18  (4)
"Listen to me Scully, I KNOW the Trump N Word tape exists!" "But Mulder    08/14/18  (1)
Last Chance U a Masterpiece.    08/14/18  (18)
How important is location for establishing a startup?    08/14/18  (26)
mango lhassi    08/14/18  (1)
Indiana Jones putting Trump N word tape in government warehouse    08/14/18  (3)
the reign of backspace begins (2018-)    08/14/18  (26)
Is Velveeta prole    08/14/18  (1)
My 4 y.o. daughter asks for "bath time w/Daddy" as her gifts now    08/14/18  (74)
Going to meet up with 21 y/o sex kitten tonight, but feel old and fat (DTP)    08/14/18  (1)
Libs are imjecting themselves with fentanyl so whats the big deal?    08/14/18  (2)
America is a super weird And fucked up place    08/14/18  (7)
I got something a coming and all will be great(Boom)    08/14/18  (1)
Is Arizona nice and chill? Worth living?    08/14/18  (24)
Hungary discontinues Gender Studies programs (link)    08/14/18  (79)
"Who else is going to be there?" demanded the Power Introvert    08/14/18  (29)
hey luis, nobody every lost money by taking profits.    08/14/18  (7)
Feminist lesbo prof gets MeTood by gay student; xo catnip ITT    08/14/18  (110)
Pool in your backyard: prole. No pool: UMC. 2 pools: Rich    08/14/18  (3)
"we avoided an awkward convo abt how to split bill haha ; ) maybe a hike tmrw?"    08/14/18  (40)
Any other degens still playing with leverage right now?    08/14/18  (1)
Problematizing it all tonight (backspace)    08/14/18  (5)
"what has 2 thumbs and loves tapas?? this gu-" *gouges eye out w/thumb*    08/14/18  (9)
the crypto crash has exposed all the alphas on xo    08/14/18  (6)
Classic moment from the View: Sherri Shepherd doesn't know if world is round or    08/14/18  (3)
Crypto traders entering the "bear market" of truck stop prostitution    08/14/18  (6)

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