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Devin Hester is retiring from the NFL    12/12/17  (8)
Hypo: your daugter gets drafted to WNBA team in your city. Do you move away?    12/12/17  (6)
you guess the song (without Google) based on these lyrics    12/12/17  (11)
How dumb are goyim paying corporations to spy on them with this Alexa bullshit    12/12/17  (5)
Afflicted with a left eyelid twitch    12/12/17  (12)
How much is your health insurance if not subsidizing olds    12/12/17  (1)
I work for GE now so i'll be losing money in company stock with an uncertain fut    12/12/17  (1)
Wife of DEMOTED DoJ Deputy worked for FUSION GPS!    12/12/17  (22)
Explain "retirement" threads. they always come back    12/12/17  (4)
Jerking to the thought of someone STEALING your SEED    12/12/17  (1)
Crypto is tanking    12/12/17  (56)
Dux have you ever gotten a handjob from a white masseuse    12/12/17  (1)
Rate these lingerie pieces for sex romp with 21 yr old mistress    12/12/17  (28)
Are we all not but Japanese cum receptacles in this bukkake of life?    12/12/17  (6)
It's hard to look for jobs when you have a job    12/12/17  (11)
peace out guys (dr. joseph smith's rotting corpse, esq.)    12/12/17  (51)
NOT FLAME - Roy Moore rode his horse to polling station    12/12/17  (12)
Bisexual libwife "blacked out" for three hours in Vegas this weekend    12/12/17  (65)
I have more money than all of you combined now. Giving away .05 BTC for 30 mins    12/12/17  (27)
2.5x as many votes cast in Alabama GOP primary than Dem primary    12/12/17  (12)
My new personal trainer is a judgmental Asian tiger-mom    12/12/17  (20)
REMINDER: Franken has not resigned    12/12/17  (16)
With a rebel yell she cried, Moore, Moore, Moore!    12/12/17  (11)
ITT I rate you as an old-time oil tycoon    12/12/17  (1)
If taking a mental health day is productive then imagine what taking a mental    12/12/17  (1)
Nubile Kirsten Gillibrand in a miniskirt at 23 years old    12/12/17  (15)
one day u'll see an old man in mirror - life spent emailing shit    12/12/17  (182)
Stumbled upon a thread with moms of teen girls discussing panty shopping (link)    12/12/17  (6)
Elizabeth Warren: Senator Gillibrand is a FUCKING SLUT    12/12/17  (58)
It's kinda weird that mental health days are frowned upon in America    12/12/17  (8)
why is there so much chad-shaming on xo?    12/12/17  (5)
ryder, here, taking questions and administering the rating of you're choice    12/12/17  (91)
Rodge Cohen to Keaton Jones: "he's a pal to me & the firm. Want to see bullyin    12/12/17  (3)
Hanes training bras more prole than Pink? pics    12/12/17  (1)
POLL: do you believe the climate change is fake or a hoax    12/12/17  (16)
WaPo: "Senator Gillibrand is certainly not 'lightweight.' Four Pinocchios"    12/12/17  (18)
Start PODCAST with JCM out of xo- Hugs and Kisses?    12/12/17  (4)
NYT 2018: We were close to Middle East peace until Trump recognized Jerusalem    12/12/17  (17)
Poast your christmas tree ITT    12/12/17  (24)
rate these long island private school girls' spanish class project (vid)    12/12/17  (2)
DESCRIBE the lesbo exploration Gillibrand did w/Dartmouth roomie Connie Britton    12/12/17  (4)
Growing facial hair and looking like an unkempt heroin addict is great    12/12/17  (3)
HBS grad called me just now, the amount of alpha posturing and biz lingo was unr    12/12/17  (5)
Got a new jacket. But it's Michael Kors. Fuck.    12/12/17  (21)
MAY 21 2017 ETH GIVEAWAY THREAD    12/12/17  (350)
Moore winning big in exit polls    12/12/17  (1)
wtf just saw guy in white labcoat on dirtbike fishtail out of NASA parking lot    12/12/17  (39)
wtf my Paul Jones NO shares are DECLINING in value    12/12/17  (1)
Voice: "They're getting upset." (GC wiping crumbs on shirt): "Give them crypto"    12/12/17  (2)
Sometimes you just have to do weird shit so your woman respects you    12/12/17  (6)
What do I need to run an office computer with three monitors? Also play occulus    12/12/17  (2)
No one is mad Obama colluded with all black ppl to become president though    12/12/17  (1)
Spaceporn come ITT and open up about your struggles with Kallman Syndrome    12/12/17  (16)
There is only one credited place to live in the United States, Name it ITT    12/12/17  (87)
So Obama colluded with a foreign govt (British intel) to influence election?    12/12/17  (2)
funny how libs first thought is that trump meant gilibrand would give BJ or some    12/12/17  (8)
People who try to cut in the airport security line: elaborate flame?    12/12/17  (1)
"But all you gave me was a vision of Jesus watching a Navajo tribe orgy!"    12/12/17  (1)
Hillary got diplomats killed, took Russian bribes, acid washed evidence emails?    12/12/17  (8)
Witness actual footage of what Trump has reduced Megyn Kelly to ITT----    12/12/17  (2)
Will this method cure my cold    12/12/17  (1)
OT FLAME - Roy Moore's wife rode horsecock to polling station    12/12/17  (1)
Why is Trumpmo's defense against everything "You're Asian?"    12/12/17  (67)
dbg have u drafted ur out-of-office message yet?    12/12/17  (1)
doug jones racist diatribe caught on hot mic after senate loss    12/12/17  (1)
lol Star Wars fans slowly realizing the new trilogy is worse than the prequels    12/12/17  (65)
Your mom, entering a dissociative state as your father fucks you in the next roo    12/12/17  (1)
WaPo set to expose up to 30 members of congress for sexual harassment    12/12/17  (2)
Alpha Pence shutting down Alcohol Party    12/12/17  (17)
Doug Jones & Kate Upton take stage: Errrrybody Dougie, errrrybody dougie.    12/12/17  (5)
Your dad, greedily sucking your cock    12/12/17  (5)
fbi wiretaps of trump tower capture gillibrand offering to port a potty for $$$    12/12/17  (1)
Been sick for a week    12/12/17  (1)
Liz Warren more angry Trump went public that Gillibrand fucks for campaign $    12/12/17  (7)
"Moore, Moore, Moore! How do you like it, how do you like it"    12/12/17  (1)
bullied boy who went viral, returns to school a celebrity, starts bullying (link    12/12/17  (3)
Posters bidding for place in line to receive fake gatormo bitcoins    12/12/17  (1)
When a man is not actively fucking, his mind wanders to why he isn't fucking    12/12/17  (5)
stop SLUT shaming my slutty friend!    12/12/17  (4)
24 year old Chad Fox News intern accuses Megyn Kelly of sexual harassment    12/12/17  (2)
was doobs the one who coined (accidentally) "alcohol party"    12/12/17  (1)
I only get texts from my mom and my exes    12/12/17  (1)
Thoughts on this NORWANUS? (pic)    12/12/17  (42)
"clypto wirr sorve my NOWAG plobrem!" he lied to himself    12/12/17  (2)
Last Jedi reviews say it's the BEST Star Wars film since Empire    12/12/17  (4)
Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring (XO cucks must read)    12/12/17  (12)
Thoughts on this SWANUS? (Pic)    12/12/17  (69)
NASA is saying to "be with our families" tonight WTF    12/12/17  (59)
Anyone ever been to Troms?    12/12/17  (2)
Question for Miami posters/people who go to Miami a lot    12/12/17  (9)
NASA quietly releases news that Pluto is "Gone."    12/12/17  (12)
You guys following this bullied white boy viral video story? It's frightening    12/12/17  (13)
A crown the Defender of the Constitution wears    12/12/17  (7)
Getting Indian buffet with jmaw today in Palmdale California    12/12/17  (1)
still blows me away how treasonous our traitorous "media" snakes are    12/12/17  (2)
CaliShitLawGuru - unpack client "likeability" is it just looks?    12/12/17  (8)
Anyone ever stop and think how Trump utterly destroyed Megyn Kelly?    12/12/17  (2)
That little faggot's a crypto millionaire    12/12/17  (3)
Ullah family releases statement, "outraged" by Akayed's embrace of radical Islam    12/12/17  (1)
Doug Jones considering joining Cryme Tyme tag team to win black vote    12/12/17  (3)
Diaper Threaders: have you even seen Sauce Boy? Watch Sauce Boy.    12/12/17  (30)
Mike Pence calling POISON CONTROL as Keg rolls into frat house    12/12/17  (1)
Trump asking Hope Hicks what "slut-shaming" is    12/12/17  (2)
I keep my crypto where I keep my women...cold storage (Doobs)    12/12/17  (6)
U Chicago hires schoalar to do community activism    12/12/17  (2)
Why is this trump accuser interviewing with Megan Kelly looking off camera    12/12/17  (1)
lol at this "research project" from Georgetown "University"    12/12/17  (9)
lol at the avenues of participation society offers    12/12/17  (4)
*Takes a shit* *Holds an ICO for it*    12/12/17  (2)
Former Facebook exec: social media is destroying how society works (link)    12/12/17  (1)
you think vampire weekend is cool    12/12/17  (6)
I just googled the name "Kenneth Pinyan" WTF    12/12/17  (22)
I don't like immigrants    12/12/17  (1)
Rach, u should set out a puddle of cum to lure Jinx back.    12/12/17  (2)
Liz Warren throwing first pitch of Braves game as fans War Whoop and Tomahawk Ch    12/12/17  (1)
LMAO if Pocahontas keeps tweeting like today, she'll get CRUSHED in 2020    12/12/17  (1)
we're going to see a blatant UFO or alien contact soon    12/12/17  (22)
Gatormo drives by in rape van w "free crypto" spray painted on side    12/12/17  (15)
Doug Jones: I'm a big strong NIGGER that knocks out people and rapes people    12/12/17  (2)
TRUMP: Gillibrand is a DOPE but Fauxcohontas goes to far calling her a slut.SAD!    12/12/17  (6)
s/o girl names that aren't slutty or trendy    12/12/17  (16)
*Peterman releases song about being cryptorich, "BTC Yellow"*    12/12/17  (1)
Used!    12/12/17  (2)
Elon Musk to release his own cologne    12/12/17  (6)
Thinking u are smart makes u hold your own mushy SHITPOASt generator in too high    12/12/17  (1)
LOL Franken is not actually resigning    12/12/17  (18)
Question for people who own large amounts of BTC/ETH/LTC    12/12/17  (1)
Al Franken, desperately praying for Moore to win    12/12/17  (2)
I work for DOUG JONES. DOUG JONES. He's the #2 guy at SPLC!    12/12/17  (1)
Iron Sheik petitioning rach to merge islamic studies board w pro wrestling board    12/12/17  (9)
What kind of slutty stuff did Gillibrand do?    12/12/17  (1)
Early exit polls show TOTAL DISASTER for Roy Moore (-14)    12/12/17  (18)
Why do servers get tips and not the cooks?    12/12/17  (11)
Ok fuck it giving away Litecoins for the next 15 minutes.    12/12/17  (33)
This will blow your fucking mind, google "american inventors"    12/12/17  (63)
just read Trump's tweet re: Gillibrand. Jfc libs.    12/12/17  (1)
King Salman: There will be only one person defecating on women around here    12/12/17  (13)
so are people buying ETH/LTC because they can't afford BTC?    12/12/17  (6)
Let's get one thing straight, about a third of people here do not POAST    12/12/17  (1)
Insurance defense sounds like some futuristic sci fi team of assassins    12/12/17  (1)
Keaton James now suffering relentless bullying over his nazi mother    12/12/17  (1)
Told woman I was in insurance defense lawyer. She was in tears on the ground in    12/12/17  (1)
rating poasters as famous African American inventors    12/12/17  (83)
The chadliest men in the world are insurance defense lawyers    12/12/17  (4)
aint no star war    12/12/17  (1)
Being an insurance defense lawyer is what being a king must have felt like    12/12/17  (1)
should we be buying BTC now?    12/12/17  (1)
Google this: "what political party did abraham lincoln belong to"    12/12/17  (16)
Roy Moore's wife: "we're not anti-semitic because we have a Jew lawyer" (vid)    12/12/17  (43)
U.S. not granting loan relief to defrauded students: inspector general    12/12/17  (10)

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